Aslain’s XVM mod 8.11

Aslain’s XVM mod 8.11

Aslain’s XVM mod 8.11
Aslain’s XVM mod 8.11

An XVM mod which gives you much info about each opponent as well as an outgoing hit log. The installation requirements are quite peculiar so I suggest you read the readme (left kind of empty by the mod developer lately or find more info on Curse or the forums.

Updated for version 8.11, XVM 5.1.0

Other versions and install info can be found on the official WoT forum here.

MajorRage was kind enough to provide this video walk-through of the mod with version 8.6, so you can see what it’s all about. You can find his YouTube account here. [5.89 Mb] (Downloads: 2356)

Category: World of tanks mods, Configurations.

Comment Date - 19-02-2014 23:15
Status -
Installed, and now all the items I've bought for my tanks (camo, suspension, etc.) have to be replaced on the tanks after every game. I have bought enough for all my tanks, so that's not the problem. Any other reports, or ideas?

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12 February 2014
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