Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod 8.11

Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod 8.11

Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod 8.11
Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod 8.11

Mod updated to v1.8621 for WoT 8.11.

One of the best gun sounds mod online, the Gnomefathers Historical realism gun sounds mod, very realistic with strong sounds. The sounds are so loud around some big caliber guns you need a heads up warning or you might end up falling of your chair around an arty.

Updated to version v1.8621. Latest features include:

-New sound for the 100mm D10 guns.
-New sound for 47mm french guns.
-New sound for all short barreled soviet 76.2mm guns. S-54 will keep the old sound.
-Improved the 155mm T7 sound.
-Improved the exterior firing sound of the 85mm guns.
-Improved the exterior firing sound of the short 37mm guns.

More information on the link below.

Features realistic loading sounds (sweet clangs when a shell falls in place), tracer sounds for artillery, improved hit and explosion sounds and more. Definitely worth a try. There is also a version for older computers since this version doesn’t support older configurations since v1.71. More info on the link below.


Copy and paste your audio folder from your res folder to your World_of_Tanks/res_mods/version/ folder, first. You do not need to copy the scripts folder from your res folder, only the audio one.

Extract the audio and scripts folders from the archive and place them into your World_of_Tanks/res_mods/version/ folder.

HRMOD20Gun20Sounds20v1.8621.rar [69.14 Mb] (Downloads: 23714)

Category: World of tanks mods, Sounds.

Comment Date - 13-02-2014 22:16
Status -
I installed everything and the engine sounds seem to working fine, but the gun sounds sound the same, except for the machine guns, they stutter now.

Comment Date - 17-02-2014 03:01
Status -
I did everything the instrutions told me to do, but when I started the game, the game just like forced closed on me. it keep doing it to me, and I don't know why. Please help me, please. 

Comment Date - 18-02-2014 02:49
Status -

where do u go to find the world of tanks archive

Comment Date - 18-02-2014 17:23
Status -
shit mod, gun sound changed but engine and tracks, voice sound gone 

Comment Date - 18-03-2014 04:50
Status -
there is gun sound ...but no sometimes no reload sound and same engine sound i wanted a new engine sound

Comment Date - 22-03-2014 17:31
Status -
Its a gun sound mod pack!!! there is a extra engine modpack!

Comment Date - 25-03-2014 14:35
Status -
seems like it makes me crash an the newest vesrion of wot

Comment Date - 30-03-2014 12:56
Status -
maybe I failed something or the mod crashs wot after the mini patch

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