AGQJ Sound 8.11

AGQJ Sound 8.11

AGQJ Sound 8.11
AGQJ Sound 8.11

Author: Aerial Gunner, Apa6ecka, ed76na, Jafdet

Description: Team players AGQJ offers you a global change sound modes with almost all the sounds in the game World of Tanks – “AGQJ Sound Mod”.

Changes in the game with the mod installed:

- Most of the sounds of engines tanks replaced by authentic (historical). That is now in the game can be heard real sounds of the legendary T-34, PzKpfw VI Tiger, M4 Sherman and others
- also processed sounds of the engines inside the tanks.
- Completely replaced the sounds of caterpillars. Now, when the tank on the ground, the sound of moving trucks barely audible on the background of a running engine. A paving stone at the entrance to the sound track is already competing with the sound of the engine. Thus changing the character of the sound tracks in the interaction with the solid surface. Shots (3 options): – Replaced all guns shots more spectacular. – Shots with crew-1 contain swear words. – Shots with crew-2 contains obscene words + foreign mats.

- Vystrepy without crew. punched and Bounce: – Replaced all the explosions, breaking, hit, bounce for all caliber shells on more spectacular. – For each blast, penetration, etc., delay, depending on the speed of sound. – For each explosion , penetration, etc. added sound distortion depending on the distance of the shot. tracers: – All tracers are divided into two groups: 1. Whistling tracers from RP shells. 2. Hissing tracers from BB shells. – In turn, each group is divided into tracers from large caliber and tracers from small calibers. – Increased audibility of tracers shot OF artsnaryadov to 500m up to 300m BB tracers.

All sounds in the archive are in different folders, for custom installation.

1. Copy the folder audio from World_of_Tanks \ res \ in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \
2. Folders audio and scripts from the archive to put in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \ , confirming the replacement.

AGQJ-Sound-Mod.7z [244.95 Mb] (Downloads: 828)

Category: World of tanks mods, Sounds.
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14 February 2014
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